jane_gwapa558 - 28, Davao, Philippines
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About me

I love to be the source of warmth and fun of others.
I’m a very complicated and moody person.
They say I’m nice and funny but I think I’m not joke!
Deep inside me are a serious and a deep-thinking person.
I can be your friend but never your worst enemy because why bother making enemies when you can just ditch them and go on with what you do best having a life.

I spread cheer wherever I go, really. I am good at consoling people in their times of need.
I dislike hypocrisy and tend to be away from hypocrites. I’m typical snobbish person that has my own world.
Holds my own principles and follows my own rules which are definitely true because I make my own rules.
I'm a person who believes life is a never ending battle unveiling our true destiny.
I believe that the only way to survive this life... is to have courage as the only shield I must hold, the only armor I must wear, and the only feeling I must bear. I'm an inquisitive person, trying to understand every mystery that unveils upon my face.
I'm aware I can't please everybody. So it’s either to love me or to hate me.
I treasure people who like me, and I don't give a damn to those people who don't.
For I'm not living for them.
I'm living for myself like EVERYBODY does.
For everything we say or do are for ourselves.
Why do we help people? Maybe because it makes us feel good?
Free us from the guilt of not doing anything?
So one way or another, we are doing everything for our own sake.
Last thing I want to be is to be a HYPOCRITE to myself.
I am a believer of GOD. He is always there when I needed him.
In every pain, in every suffering, in every joy, in every tears, and in every smiles. I have witnessed happiness and pain... through these… Yields a woman I am now.

Email me: jollgue@yahoo.com

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